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"The only thing more expensive than hiring a professional is hiring an amateur."
- Red Adair (International oil rig firefighter)

Policies & Practices

ARC believes the only way to secure profitable, long term and mutually beneficial business relationships is to base them on solid ethical grounds. Our policies are as follows:

We will not recruit directly, indirectly, or through referrals, employees of one of our client organizations.

Candidates that are presented to our clients are only those who have been interviewed in person, thoroughly screened by one of our representatives and match the job requirements.

We believe in confidentiality and maintain it diligently for both our clients and our candidates until such time as either party agrees to have their information released. (Please see our Privacy Policy on this site for more information).

Finally, we will ensure that all candidates presented to our clients have not been previously represented, within the last year, through any other source.
ARC is committed to increasing the value of our services. This is achieved through building strong associations with client organizations. These relationships are founded on quality service, integrity, ethical operations and a customer first policy.
Our professionalism is demonstrated in our high standards of work and a commitment to the professional development of our team. It is also confirmed by our guarantee structure.


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