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"The only thing more expensive than hiring a professional is hiring an amateur."
- Red Adair (International oil rig firefighter)

ARC Advantage

We believe, and our clients concur, that our internal structure, formal methodologies and standardized policies make Advanced Recruitment Consultants a superior supplier of resources to the I.T. market. The net result is the ability to provide a superior service to our clientele.

The various types of recruitment services can be summarized in the following 6 categories (to go directly to each service, click on the appropriate heading):

Internal Recruiting
Internet Recruitment Houses
Specialty/Niche Market Agencies & Suppliers
Large Brand Name Agencies
Small Independent Operators
Consulting Organizations

  1. Internal Recruiting:  Organization based human resources and/or recruitment teams using Internet job bulletin boards and/or advertising.

    Key Advantages of ARC:

    • Response Time: Where internal departments begin the search and selection process at the time a position is passed on to them. ARC’s ongoing and direct to market recruitment process enables our team to produce a short list of qualified candidates in 2 to 5 business days rather than an internal process that takes between 2 and 6+ weeks.

    • Candidate Quality: Internal search teams have a limited resource base to pull candidates from. They use only Internet and advertising as a means to access the resource pool, therefore, they are able to draw only from a selection of those candidates who are “active” job seekers. Statistics show that the top 20% of the talent pool are very rarely in the active job market. Our confidential and direct to market recruiting process enables our team to tap into that top 20% of the labour force to provide companies with a cross section of skills that they would not see through internal recruiting methods.  

    • Improved Efficiencies: All of the candidates presented are fully pre-screened in a personal interview by an ARC representative and are further pre-qualified on their interest in the opportunity. Candidates presented are shortlisted on the basis of technical skills and cultural fit. The result to the client is in a better usage of time for the Human Resources professional(s) freeing them from screening large volumes of resumes and reducing the number of interviews needed to identify a viable candidate.  

    • Confidentiality: When internal recruitment teams use advertising as a method of sourcing candidates for a position they have exposure in the market at large. Our resourcing and direct contact method of recruitment enables companies to protect the confidential requirements associated in filling positions within their companies, where revealing their business strategy to the competitors may be detrimental, where they may be planning to replace an employee in a sensitive position or where revealing a high turnover rate in a given area of the company may put them at a disadvantage in attracting a volume of top talent. 

  2. Internet Recruitment Houses:  These are organizations; both large and small providing outsourced services that are essentially the same as those provided by the internal Human Resources department. The clients’ position will be posted to an Internet search site or job board. Then the incoming candidates will be screened and provided to the client as a short list. The fees charged for these services are the same as a true recruiting service.

    Key Advantages of ARC:

    • Direct to market generates a better quality candidate in less time than the Internet. The results are proactive rather than reactive to the customers needs.

    • Quality of Services provided: These firms charge fees for resume evaluation, introduction and interview scheduling services. ARC is a full service recruitment solutions company that will provide all of these services in addition to conducting preliminary evaluations, personally interviewing and screening candidates, providing counseling and conducting hiring negotiations. The ARC advantage yields a better quality of candidate skills, ensures the "corporate fit" and provides for enhanced candidate retention.

    • Rates/Pricing: Since these companies charge rates that are the same as a recruitment organization the client will always receive a better return on each recruitment dollar spent by using ARC as the service provider of choice.

  3. Specialty/Niche Market Agencies & Suppliers:  Are organizations that provide similar services but focus their businesses on one or a few areas of specialty.

    While these companies may be very effective in their field(s) of expertise, evolution in the information technology field dictate that few organizations operate solely on a single platform (meaning one computer technology base) as they did in the 1980's and early '90's. Since organizations are now using a wide variety of technologies they have diversified needs and would need to deal with many "specialty" suppliers in order to meet their staffing demands. The result is a massive duplication of effort to ramp up the various suppliers in order to ensure deliverables while presenting many quality control issues for the customer.

    Key Advantages of ARC:

    • Our account management model minimizes the client's ramp up time.

    • Recruiting model ensures that the client can service virtually all of their recruitment needs from a single provider.

  4. Large Brand Name Agencies:  Are large international companies. Since these companies are publicly traded and do a large volume of business they are primarily accountable to their shareholders. Thus, they are not as customer centric in their business practices. Large, "key" accounts aside, the tendency is a high turnover rate with their clients. Their client management structure is their primary weakness with seniors managing the clients and "high turnover" juniors focusing on recruitment volume. Further, secretarial and clerical services rather than high technology and information technology are typically core businesses for these companies. The result is that the levels of service provided are inferior for their clients technology based needs.

    Key Advantages of ARC:

    • Our experienced, seasoned and expert recruiters generate a better quality of candidate while maintaining high volumes of new talent through a hands-on approach.

    • Information Technology staffing is ARC's core business. ARC's account representatives are active throughout the recruiting process and take a, hands-on approach in the screening process for each open position. All efforts are made to provide the highest level of service to our customers in this field, with no dilution of focus, effort and ultimately the end result.

    • ARC is committed to developing and maintaining long-term business relationships. Our customers' success is our success.

  5. Small Independent Operators:  Since these operators have little or no overhead they can often sell their services at reduced rates. While they may represent a good short-term value to the customer, they can only provide results on a "one-off" basis. They lack the network, infrastructure and resource pool to provide enduring consistency of both volume and quality candidates.

    Key Advantages of ARC:

    • ARC's team model of experienced and portfolio'd consultants and specialty recruitment, provides both volume and quality to our customers.

    • By maintaining a lower overhead than our large competitors, ARC is able to compete effectively with the independent operators price point, while ensuring a higher level of quality and service to our clientele.

    • ARC's existing database of almost 14,000 candidates will reduce our research, development, screening and shortlisting timeframe. The result is shortened response time to our clients while generating a higher quality result.

  6. Consulting Organizations:  Like large brand name agencies these companies are typically larger international companies with high cost overhead and infrastructures. They provide information technology services on a per project basis at a negotiated fixed price for the deliverable. Their solutions are based on a deliverable to address a customer specific need or experience shortage. Since they typically employ their consultants on a full time and permanent basis, their pass through to customer costs are further increased.

    While they do invest in the development of their consultants' skills, it is typically done at the time the skill is needed. Should required skills not be available within their talent pool, these organizations will turn to third party recruiters to fulfill their customers need.

    Key advantages of ARC:

    • Our Account Management and support model provides a project management and consulting focus to the customers need, much like the services provided by outsourced or consultative services.

    • All of our consultants have demonstrated experience in providing the required solution, not just training.

    • Our customers are not restricted to using the skills/talents of a restricted or defined pool of talent.

    • Cost effectiveness. All of our work is done on a contingency basis. Our customers pay only for the work done on a cost by time basis.

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